RFID Tags for use with Oil and Gas,
Corrosive Chemicals, and High Temperatures

Oil and Gas

Including down-hole and sub-sea – up to 50,000 psi

Corrosive Chemicals

Teflon-encapsulated, in-line inspection, including “pigging”


Embedded in tools and road surfaces, (concrete, asphalt, wood, plastic, metal)

High Temperature Tags


Impact Tags

Embeddable Tags

Specialty Tags





Reliable and Efficient

TROI LLC makes RFID tags and products that meet the most rugged and extreme conditions found in the real-world:

  • High temperature – up to 400 Degrees c
  • High humidity – up to 100% RH and Underwater
  • High pressure – up to 50,000 PSI
  • Abrasive
Welding an RFID Tag
RFID Journal Special Achievement Award to Dr Patrick King
Dr Patrick King, a pioneer in the RFID industry, founded Technologies ROI LLC (aka TROI ) in 2002, based on the principal that technology needs to be correctly balanced and integrated into business (hence ROI).

TROI has remained singly focused on creating the most rugged and highest temperature resistant RFID tags on the market.

TROI has never repackaged RFID inlays as do many others but instead offer solder bonded electronics versions of RFID capable of surviving extreme conditions.

As a result, all TROI tags are rated to 200c with many up to 300c and even 400c. The subsequent packaging allows for rapid attachment and harsh environment integrity.

Down-hole is as common to TROI as an application space as are FRAC applications, drill site operations and Riser Stacks for subsea. Welded, embedded, banded, cabled, bolted, riveted are all common attachment solutions offered by TROI to ensure that all applications are covered.

TROI holds over 50 patents in the areas of auto-identification and remains an industry innovator.

Here at TROI, we pride ourselves in never being satisfied. We continue to push the limits on what is possible with RFID, and strive to make the impossible, possible.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask. We can help to design a custom tag for you, making your idea a reality. We are happy to live, think and work outside the box, as it is there where you find greatness.

TROI Tags and Fire

This video of a TROI tag being torched, is just one example of the abuse our TROI tags can take.

Reading a UHG Tag Through Metal

Reading a UHG Tag through Metal while sitting on Metal

Energy Industry

All TROI Tags passed Hot Stick Test (limited by Hot Stick design – NOT the RFID tag design)

Video shows Hot Stick exploding at 104,000 Volts! The RFID tag is inside and there was no reduction in RFID tag performance.


TROI High Temperature Tags

A January 2013 Super High Temperature Study was released by TROI reseller RFID Tagsource regarding a wide range of tags claiming to be High Temp:
TROI is the clear leader for durable high temperature tags. They have several choices of different sizes, shapes, performance, and attachment methods. Start here and you may need to look no further.” – Kevin Donahue
RFID Tag Temperature Test

The picture above shows a metal-melting cauldron with a TROI RFID tag mounted where the crosshairs are pointing.

Notice the temperature of the cauldron – the RFID tag still works (after it cooled down)!

2017: TROI test labs. The pictures, below, show temperature testing underway for the new Armored 400c tag.

750 Degree Furnace testing RFID Tags

NOTE: The "0750" indicates 750F